full time metal fabricator/artist

Drill press chuck customization

One of my business partners scored this Jet drill press off Craigslist for one hundred dollars for my shop, that’s a screaming deal.


While installing this drill press I discovered the chuck key was for a 1/4″ chuck, the chuck on this drill press is 11/16″ that’s a pretty noticeable difference.


I found a universal chuck key that had an 11/16″ head on it for under five dollars and free shipping on EBay, after the chuck key arrived in the mail, I knew immidiately there wasn’t enough handle on this key to get adequate torque on the drill press chuck.


So I decided to lop off the other keys and.give this thing a REAL handle.


After using a right angle cutting disc to remove the keys, I ground the edges smooth then wire wheeled the key so it’s smooth to the touch.
After holding a sharpie up to the drill press as a mock up handle, I decided 4.5″ was the perfect length, so I grabbed a piece of 3/8″ bar stock and cut off a piece to size, I then found a couple extra nuts around and decided they’d be perfect slide stops. I used a magnet to hold the pieces in place, and welded to end caps on.


Here’s what it looks like after being cleaned up on the wire wheel.


And finally to grab one of my neodymium magnets to keep the key in place instead of needing a slot or string, this magnet is really strong, this key won’t fall even under heavy use.


Thanks for reading.
More to come.


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