full time metal fabricator/artist


Forever flower

I enjoy taking care of plants, my partner enjoys plants as well, her green thumb though, yea, well… Currently she has a lone bamboo stalk I gave her months ago that’s doing great. Since her job is already demanding, I don’t want to add more to the things she has to pay attention to.

So the forever flower.


11 spoons total with one single spoon handle still attached and wrapped around the 3/16″ spring steel, I placed the rod in the vise, then used vise grips to hold the spoon to the rod, then I wrapped the spoon up the rod and then welded the rest of the spoons on in 3 tiers.


I have some hexagon base plates I knew would come in handy for art like this,


so after the spoons were welded on, I welded the flower to the base plate then media blasted everything so everything looked smooth and uniform.


Now comes the fun part, patina work, since the spoons are stainless steel, the acid etch I use only changes the surface of the steel rod and base plate and the stainless stays shiny. I use Steel FX Paninas and am a big fan of the ways Bill Worden makes his magical etches. I used copper FX and torch FX to get this dark copper purple tone. I’m unaffiliated to Bill, I appreciate what his product allows me to create though.


After I achieved my desired results, I rinsed it off with water thoroughly then died it completely using compressed air.


Then I clear coated the while piece with Rustoleum semi gloss clear and set it aside to let it dry then give to my belle~

Thanks for reading.
More to come.
And here’s a random picture of my studio light that I added another piece to, the mesh is a Pisces sign~



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